Friday, June 27, 2008


Haven't been able to post anything lately because the lease contract of my house will expire end of July. I need to give 3 weeks notice hence need to find a place to move before end of June.

The main reason I want to move is because the present suburb is a notorious area for house break-in, robbery and theft, and the rental for my present 3LDK property will increase from AUD 290 per week to AUD 330 per week. The owners only want to have a lease term of 6 months, after which the rental is expected to increase further.

AUD 330 is about 33700 yen or 1035 ringgit. It is a good 134800 yen (salary of an office lady in Japan?) and almost 4140 ringgit (enough to employ a pharmacist in Malaysia?) for just one month rent in Perth!!!

Anyone wants to share a house? Anyone???