Saturday, April 19, 2008

パース Perth

First night in Perth, I stayed at YMCA. パースでの最初の夜はYMCAで過ごした。

Looking out of the window from the room on the 9th floor of YMCA, the street lights were shining quietly. All of a sudden, I felt lonely for leaving my friends and colleagues in Auckland. Yes, I missed them.....

ビルの後ろはスワン川(Swan River)だ。Swan River is just at the back of the buildings.

Starting from scratch again, what have I done to my own life?


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

朋友别哭 Don't cry my friend 友よ泣かないで

朋友别哭 Don't cry my friend 友よ泣かないで
曲:莫凡 词:陈乐融

有没有一扇窗 能让你不绝望 yǒu méi yǒu yī shān chuāng néng ràng nǐ bù jué wàng
Is there a window that will save you from despair
看一看花花世界 原来象梦一场 kān yī kān huā huā shì jiè yuán lái xiàng mèng yī chǎng
So that you can take a look at this world that's just like a dream
有人哭 有人笑 yǒu rén kū yǒu rén xiào
There are people crying and laughing
有人输 有人老 yǒu rén shū yǒu rén lǎo
There are people losing and aging
到结局还不是一样 dào jié jú hái bú shì yí yàng
Everybody comes to the same at the end

有没有一种爱 能让你不受伤 yǒu méi yǒu yī zhǒng ài néng ràng nǐ bù shòu shāng

Is there a love that will prevent you from getting hurt


这些年堆积多少对你的知心话 zhè xie nián duī jī duō shao duì nǐ de zhī xīn huà

Over all these years a lot of true words have been kept in heart

什么酒 醒不了 shén me jiǔ xǐng bù liǎo

What kind of liquer will not allow one to become sober?

什么痛忘不掉 shén me tòng wàng bù diào

What kind of pain is unforgettable?


向前走 就不可能回头望 xiàng qián zǒu jiù bù kě néng huí tóu wàng

It's not possible to go backward after you move on


朋友别哭 péng you bié kū
Don't cry my friend
我依然是你心灵的归宿 wǒ yī rán shì nǐ xīn ling de guī sù
I am still a place for you to come home
朋友别哭 péng you bié kū
Don't cry my friend
要相信自己的路 yāo xiāng xìn zì jǐ de lù
You must have confidence in your own journey
红尘中 有太多茫然痴心的追逐 hóng chén zhōng yǒu tài duō máng rán chī xīn de zhuī zhú
There are far too many people that lost their directions and pursuing endlessly in this bustling world

你的苦 我也有感触 nǐ de kǔ wǒ yě yǒu gǎn chù
I can feel your pain too

什么酒 醒不了
什么痛 忘不掉
向前走 就不可能回头望

红尘中 有太多茫然痴心的追逐
你的苦 我也有感触

朋友别哭 péng you bié kū
Don't cry my friend

我一直在你心灵最深处 wǒ yì zhí zài nǐ xīn ling zuì shēn chù
I am always in your deepest heart
朋友别哭 péng you bié kū
Don't cry my friend
我陪你就不孤独 wǒ péi nǐ jiù bù gū dú
I will accompay you so that you won't feel lonely
人海中 rén hǎi zhōng
Among so many people aroud us
难得有几个真正的朋友 nán dé yǒu jǐ ge zhēn zhèng de péng you
It is difficult to have a few true friends
这份情 zhè fèn qíng
This friendship
请你不要不在乎 qǐng nǐ bù yào bù zài hū
Please don't take it for granted

Among so many people aroud us


It is difficult to have a few true friends

This friendship

Please don't take it for granted

Friday, April 11, 2008

九品寺2丁目 Kuhonji ni chome

I lived in Japan for almost 7 years. This period of time is long when you compare with just a short stay of one week for traveling, it is short when compare with a lifetime. It was a time not long after graduation from the university, when my contemporaries were establishing their careers and families back home. I have chosen to walk a different path to start a new chapter of my life in Japan. I guess it's my karmic force that led me back to Japan, to reunite with my friends in Japan that I met in my past life. 約7年間日本で暮らした。この期間は1週の旅行に比べてみれば長いだろうけど、一生の時間となら短いだろう。その時は大学から卒業してまもなく、同期生たちがキャリアと家庭を築いていたに対して違う道を選んで、日本で人生の新しい章を始めた。日本に戻ったのが、前世に知り合った日本の友人たちと再会するためかもね。

Room 403, Morinaga apartment, the place that I spent my golden years... 森永アパート403室、人生一番輝いてる時期はここで過ごした。。。

アパートのすぐ近くローソンがあり、よくここで黒ゴマと抹茶アイスとバナナオレを買った。ちょーうめ~~~。あとこち亀のマンガも。There is a convenient store Lawson just opposite the apartment. Used to buy ice cream of black sesame and japanese green tea flavors and banana milk. Kochikame comics too.

Always took this route, walked pass a high school, この道を通って、鎮西高校の前通過し、
then turn right to this lane towards the lab in the campus. そして研究室へ。

Is it only me that will feel nostalgia for the sights along the road that I took everyday to work ?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

オークランド Auckland

Auckland is the first western country city that I live in. I spent my first night in New Zealand at Domain Lodge. オークランドは僕にとって初めて生活する西洋都市だ。ニュージーランドでの最初の夜はドメイン・ロッジで過ごした。時差ぼけのため、なかなか眠れなかった。

Then I rented a granny flat at Newmarket, where I met my landlord and his wife. Both of them came from south China. They were growing vegetables at Pukekohe at southern Auckland to raise their children. その後、ニューマーケットっていう町でお婆ちゃんフラット(親戚の家と連接するお年寄りの暮らす部屋)を賃貸し、大家さんご夫妻と出会いました。お二人は南中国の広東省から来ました。オークランドの南部にあるプケコヘっていうところで農業をして子供たちを育った。
Granny flat at the backyard of the house. 家の後ろにあるお婆ちゃんフラットだ。

A photo taken just before I went to the airport. This is the first and the last photo I've ever taken with my landlord. He passed away three weeks later after I arrived in Perth. He's always been very kind to me when I was staying in Auckland, felt very sad for not being able to see him again. 空港へ向かう前に大家さんと撮った写真だ。これは最初で最後だ。パースに着いて約三週間後、オークランドにいる友人から大家さんの訃報を知らされた。まさに青天の霹靂だった。異国で心細かった時期にいつも親切な言葉をかけてくださったりして、オークランドへ戻ってももう会えないと思うと、本当に寂しくて悲しかった。ご冥福をお祈り申し上げます。(涙)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hanami 花見

Every year the Otagiri lab mates will go to Kumamoto Castle to do Hanami, the sakura is just absolutely gorgeous! Night sakura (夜桜yozakura) is breathtaking isnt it?


Starting a blog

Really, I have nothing to write at the moment.
Let's see how it goes...